Claim in Contract

UniLegal LLC acted for a client in a sale of goods case which ended in January 2021. In the Singapore High Court case of Enfinitas Solutions Pte Ltd v Starhub Cable Vision Ltd in HC/ S 1285/2019, UniLegal LLC acted for the Plaintiff in a claim for the price of goods sold to the Defendant and the Plaintiff successfully obtained Summary Judgment against the Defendant for a sum of S$1.45 million. The Defendant had resisted the claim and had in turn counterclaimed for damages for alleged losses. The Defendant were unhappy with the court’s decision to grant summary judgment to the Plaintiff and they promptly changed lawyers to a major law firm and appealed against the award of the summary judgment.

Ultimately, on 17 August 2020, its appeal before Justice Dedar Singh Gill was successfully resisted by us acting for the Plaintiff, resulting in its appeal being dismissed with cost. The client recovered the judgment sum (less a small quantum for damages), interest and cost and was happy with the outcome.